Restore & Revive 
Natural Stone, Brick, Tile, Concrete, Timber, Vinyl, Carpet & Upholstery 
  1. Tile & Grout Cleaning
    Tile & Grout Cleaning
    Showing the overall look Tile and Grout cleaning can make when cleaned. If you have glazed, unglazed, terracotta, porcelain, mosaic or natural stone tiles we have a tile and grout cleaning solution to meet your needs.
  2. Urine detection under uv light
    Urine Detection
    Urine detection under high powered Ultraviolet light. We have the expert knowledge and equipment to track down and treat those unfortunate accidents.
  3. stain removal
    Stain Removal
    Transferal of ink to white towelling. Trained in advanced stain removal we know how to remove stains Alcohol, Blood, Candle Wax, Chewing Gum, Chocolate, Coffee, Crayon, Grass, Grease, Hair Spray, Lipstick, Makeup, Markers, Milk, Nail Polish, Paint, Rust, Shoe Polish, Soft Drinks, Tomato Sauce, Toothpaste, Urine Wax, Wine and much more!
  4. flood damage
    Flood damage restoration
    Checking moisture levels after flood.
  5. vinyl strip and seal bendigo
    Before and after vinyl strip and seal.
    Bring the life back into your vinyl. Note how dull the vinyl was before, although the floor was in poor condition you can see how stripping and sealing can restore the colour.
  6. Carpet cleaning in bendigo
    Carpet Cleaning
    Would you like to have that fresh and clean feeling back again? GREAT RESULTS, FAST DRYING TIMES, GREAT PRICES,